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Adam Green

Online Seeing Systems August 2019

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Understanding Systems through Conflict Transformation

Living in the Doughnut

Using the guidelines on page 68, I will use the Oxfam “doughnut” diagram to consider how the factors in the inner circle have affected my personal well-being, or what their absence would mean for my life.

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Responding to Systemic Violence

Support Businesses Owned by People of Color

Racial inequity is both a sustainability and justice problem. I will support businesses owned by people of color in my community whenever I shop.

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Justice for the Whole Community

Meet My Local Farmers

I will visit my nearest farm to find out who produces my food, and will learn about the quality of life of those who produce my food in other regions of the world to make better choices when I shop.

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It's all connected


I will learn what local organizations are working on peace, justice, and/or sustainability issues and how I can get involved.

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