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Brett Hodges

winter 2022 april ann's esr 140!

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Co-Creating Living Peace


I will write down three things every day that I am grateful for, or send one email every day thanking or praising someone.

One-Time Action

Responding to Systemic Violence

Support Businesses Owned by People of Color

Racial inequity is both a sustainability and justice problem. I will support businesses owned by people of color in my community whenever I shop.

One-Time Action

Understanding Systems through Conflict Transformation

Pay Attention to Current Events

I will observe local, national, and international news each day this week through a conflict resolution lens.

One-Time Action

Justice for the Whole Community

Pick Up Litter

I will pick up litter on my street and ask others to join me in taking care of our neighborhood.

One-Time Action

Peace Talks

Communicate Constructively

I will use the communication methods I read about this week to practice effective, compassionate, and nonviolent communication with someone I interact with regularly: my roommate, my parents, my co-work, my partner, my classmates, or my children.

One-Time Action

It's all connected


I will meditate or create a moment of silence for 5 minutes this week to reflect on the systems I am a part of and my role in them.

One-Time Action


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