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Justice for the Whole Community

Do Nature Activities

I will engage in nature-based activities alone, or with my friends or family, for 120 minute(s) this week. (This can be anything from going on a walk or hike, to noticing the leaves changing color, to reading a book with nature themes.)

One-Time Action

Peace Talks

Practice Listening

This week, I will practice intentionally listening to 3 people I disagree with or do not share common experience with.

One-Time Action

Understanding Systems through Conflict Transformation

Track My Purchases

I will keep a journal of all my purchases this week and research their impact on conflicts and social justice.

One-Time Action

It's all connected

Watch a Documentary

I will spend 100 minutes watching a movie about a peace, justice, or sustainability issue I would like to know more about.

One-Time Action

Peace Talks

Communicate Constructively

I will use the communication methods I read about this week to practice effective, compassionate, and nonviolent communication with someone I interact with regularly: my roommate, my parents, my co-work, my partner, my classmates, or my children.

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