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Cambia Spring 2020 Discussion Course

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Responding to Systemic Violence

Reduce Single-Use Disposables

Historically, marginalized and low-income communities live closer to landfills, contributing to a multitude of health problems. To reduce the landfill space needed for my lifestyle, I will not use single-use items this week (i.e. plastic straws, plastic cutlery, plastic water bottles, disposable coffee cups, and plastic bags).

One-Time Action

Understanding Systems through Conflict Transformation

Talk To My Friends and Colleagues

I will research peace and justice issues that affect my community and tell 3 friends and/or colleagues each day about what I learn.

One-Time Action

Justice for the Whole Community

Support A Sharing Economy

I will create or support a sharing economy with family, friends, and neighbors.

One-Time Action

Peace Talks

Communicate Constructively

I will use the communication methods I read about this week to practice effective, compassionate, and nonviolent communication with someone I interact with regularly: my roommate, my parents, my co-work, my partner, my classmates, or my children.

One-Time Action

It's all connected


I will find out what local sustainability issues are most urgent in my region, including both social and environmental justice concerns.

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    Lacy 6/16/2020 12:37 PM
    Hi, Team! Here are the two questions we didn't get to today, if you'd like to bring the conversation here:

    In Session 4, we explored indigenous forest defenders, African ecofeminism, and activism resistance as a few ways to transform systems to be more peaceful, just, and sustainable. 
    •What are some other solutions you have learned about or participated in? 
    •How can these solutions positively affect other global or local issues? 

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    Lacy 6/15/2020 3:58 PM
    Have you all found any resources lately that you think would be helpful to share with our group?

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    Lacy 6/02/2020 7:50 AM
    Does anybody have any resources to share that relate to what we've been learning so far?

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    Lacy 4/27/2020 3:26 PM
    Welcome to our Spring 2020 Seeing Systems Discussion Course, everyone! I look forward to this experience with you all.