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  • Kathryn Hijazi 8/29/2019 3:54 AM
    I teach adolescents in 7th-12th grades in a Montessori environment.  We have two mixed age groups, from 12-15 and from 15-18.  The younger group is embarking on a year-long study of conflict and peace and most of the humanities lessons and activities evolve from this theme.  We are looking at the origins of conflict and understanding that while conflict is an essential component of creativity, it can easily devolve into disorder and unhappiness and of course, larger disputes.  We look at issues of environmental justice, social justice and international events, both historical and current.  Sadly there are abundant examples of situations in which conflict did not reach creative and positive outcomes, but I'm always seeking positive endings as well.  Let me know of stories I might share.

    • Hi Kathryn, I think it's great that your class explored the concepts of conflict and peace! I've taken a few conflict resolution classes during college, and I feel that they were meaningful complements to my Environmental Studies major. I really do think that understanding conflict, how to guide it to being constructive for all involved, and understanding the different forms of peace, are all valuable for us to start learning at a young age. That's why I'm happy to hear that these concepts were part of your class curriculum. Thanks for sharing! 

  • Welcome to Seeing Systems Ecochallenge!