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Spring 2022 April Ann's ESR 140! Feed

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  • Aberdeen Stuart's avatar
    Aberdeen Stuart 5/03/2022 11:36 AM
    I watched 60 min of the documentary I pledged to do. It was about medical devices and how shady the process of making them can be

  • Gus Inwood's avatar
    Gus Inwood 5/01/2022 1:22 PM
    I went to the grocery store with my mom today.

  • April Ann Fong's avatar
    April Ann Fong 4/29/2021 9:18 AM
    I need to spend more time on learning about gaslighting...realizing it has happened a lot to me now...gulp.

  • April Ann Fong's avatar
    April Ann Fong 4/09/2021 6:13 PM
    My new neighbor with the big puppy is named Nicole! :D