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Jolie Rhodes

Cambia Spring 2020 Discussion Course

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Jolie's Actions

Understanding Systems through Conflict Transformation

Pay Attention to Current Events

I will observe local, national, and international news each day this week through a conflict resolution lens.

One-Time Action

Justice for the Whole Community

Do Nature Activities

I will engage in nature-based activities alone, or with my friends or family, for 30 minute(s) this week. (This can be anything from going on a walk or hike, to noticing the leaves changing color, to reading a book with nature themes.)

One-Time Action

Responding to Systemic Violence

Talk To My Friends and Colleagues

I will research the social or environmental issues in my community that matter to me and tell 15 friends and/or colleagues about what I learn.

One-Time Action

It's all connected

Watch a Documentary

I will spend 60 minutes watching a movie about a peace, justice, or sustainability issue I would like to know more about.

One-Time Action


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    Jolie Rhodes 6/02/2020 10:25 AM
    Going through this process and connecting it with everything that is goin on in the world right now has made me VERY thoughtful. I continue to try to see another perspective. To remain open and to not get caught up in the "rightness" of my position that I can't be open to new thoughts, points of view or facts.