Jolie Rhodes

Cambia Spring 2020 Discussion Course

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Jolie's Actions

Understanding Systems through Conflict Transformation

Pay Attention to Current Events

I will observe local, national, and international news each day this week through a conflict resolution lens.

One-Time Action

It's all connected

Watch a Documentary

I will spend 60 minutes watching a movie about a peace, justice, or sustainability issue I would like to know more about.

One-Time Action

Justice for the Whole Community

Do Nature Activities

I will engage in nature-based activities alone, or with my friends or family, for 30 minute(s) this week. (This can be anything from going on a walk or hike, to noticing the leaves changing color, to reading a book with nature themes.)

One-Time Action

Responding to Systemic Violence

Talk To My Friends and Colleagues

I will research the social or environmental issues in my community that matter to me and tell 15 friends and/or colleagues about what I learn.

One-Time Action


  • Jolie Rhodes 6/02/2020 10:25 AM
    Going through this process and connecting it with everything that is goin on in the world right now has made me VERY thoughtful. I continue to try to see another perspective. To remain open and to not get caught up in the "rightness" of my position that I can't be open to new thoughts, points of view or facts.

    • Lacy 6/10/2020 9:45 AM
      Yes, this is the second time I've done this course this year, and each time, it feels more relevant to what is going on in the world. I'm really trying to listen and learn more each time.